Hello people.


In order to take part in the WBCOOP we have to create a blog post regarding our "best moment".

Browsing through other people's posts, I noticed that most are writing about a good win as the best moment here. Well in this sense, I do have some similar moments, I could count some good finishes in freerolls, a final table at an OSL tournament, another at a "Daily Game", finishing first at a regional qualifier, even an ITM finish at a "Million Club" promotional tourney (wich btw started my bankroll).

Outbalancing these, there are a number of bad beats, tilts and anger management attempts. All in all the bad moments at the game might be more than the good ones (recently they are indeed).

Well, to be honest, I have to admit that the best time I had was at a tourney where I won nothing. It was the last promo for the "Million Club"., and it was a lesson as well. Lots of fun, great competition, read all about it here.

So, you might ask, which is your best moment in Pokerstars in the end? Here's my answer:

The moment I discovered and joined Poker School Online!

Yes, folks. Up to this moment, I had some experience of NLHE, as I had been playing at a play-money site for almost two years. I even considered myself a decent player, as I was able to calculate odds, guess my opponents' hands and be on the winning side. Even at Pokerstars my play money total was well above 100K without having to ever refill. Newsflash: I was ignorant!!! Starting to take the quizes and participating in lessons revealed in front of my wider and wider opening eyes the depths (or rather The Abyss) of my ignorance. Thanks to all tutors and fellow PSO students I was able to change perspective, even seek out and try to fix the leaks in my game. I developed a better attitude towards other players and a more critical eye towards myself. I had fun and learned a thing or two at the time. Yes, you can teach new tricks to an old dog (oops, sorry I meant duck). On top of that, I discovered that the more I struggled with my weaknesses, the more I enjoyed playing poker. Reading fellow PSOers bloggs and forum posts, banging my head with hand replays and analyses, I feel like a duck in the pond (don't shoot). So there you have it:

My best moment in Pokerstars was the click on Pokerschool/Launch(web).