Hello there people.


The month has reached the final day and as I'll be a bit busy today and not able to play poker, I might as well summ it up.

Eight times in the money at freerolls, including a final table at an Open Skill League tournament. Total gain: 0,59 $. In fact it is in my goals, I made something, little as it may be, out of nothing. Of course it's not something to brag about, other fellow PSOers have made triple figures starting from scratch. Congratulations are in order.

The rather peculiar part of it is that it all happened from the 2nd until the 16th of the month. After that, I just can't win. (Playing freerolls means that I didn't lose any cash either, that's the sunny side). I struggled a lot with it, trying to determine wether I was playing poorly or was it just bad luck?  Little of both actually. I played good, but I stumbled on some bad luck. Bad luck resulted to bad mood, bad mood resulted to bad play. My attitude became a loser's one. "I won't win anyway, so why bother trying to play the best I can, I might as well just throw my chips in and see what comes". If you take the time to check my "Time in a Vault" thread at the forum, you'll see some examples of what I mean with "bad luck". After those hands I really played just to see when it would come to an end. Well, it didn't. Not yet anyway. I guess a lot of us are under the rain lately, it is bound to change at a point sooner or later. Huge profit for yours truly is that no tilt occured, no beeps, blips, bings and flickering lights. Ok, ok. You might argue that depression is not a big improvement, but remember: one leak at a time.

Here's a funny pic I found on the net, not too far away from how I feel:


That's all for the bipolar month February from your Psycho friend.

March is starting, I wish it's gonna be a whole lot better. I know I'm gonna try to play as good as I can. I even think of submitting a blog for WBCOOP, sounds like a good idea to play among other bloggering pokering people.

Until the next post,

lots of luck at the tables.