Hi there

As you can see here, January is out and your old psycho friend is re-evaluating.

Well, embarrasing as it is to admit if, I failed. Yep, I did not get any closer to my goals, I on the contrary drifted away from them. I was in particular very wrong in handling my side-thought. (If you read the first post, you already know that it was coping with bad luck and avoiding bad play).

The truth is that I let bad luck influence my play and my attitude. After being suckered some times instead of tightening my grip and playing the best game I can, I gambled more (after all it was gambling of others that beat me, wasn't it?). I loosened and developed a loser's stance towards the game. Put in words: "I'm gonna lose anyway if I try to play smart, so why not risk a bit more and if I'm lucky, win a bit). It actually is what I did at the cash games before. (Look at my previous post Reverse PsychoVasology). My ancestors had a proverb that freely translated is: "Twice the same mistake is not a wise man's way". Have to see to it that it doesn't repeat itself, because the third time is not a charm. It's a completely scientific diagnosis of the condition known as "accute stupidity".

The only upside to it is that I realize my problem, and as long as it involved only free-rolls, no actual money was lost this time. So, patting myself on the back, bandaging the headbanging caused wounds, shrugging to lost time, I start the second month of the A.D. 2013 (A psychOdyssey).

That's the wrap-up of January, folks.