Hello again.


As promised, I will try to express my theory about my Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde play at 6-max micro cash tables. I had to review a lot of hands from my Hand History folder to support it (the old fashioned way- no software) and finally it looks like it has merit.

Here it is:

When trying to complete the "big slick" mission, I wasn't trying to win. I was just trying to get the mission completed at the lowest possible cost for my BR. That said, I played "by the book". I mean I never -trust me, I checked it - ever called marginal hands OOP, I folded to 3-bets, I folded to C-bets if I wasn't sure about my hand. I raised 3x, 4x if there was a limper pre-flop, I would C-bet a lot and raise 1/2 pot bets for value and so on. Tight as a clam, scared as a rabbit, aggressive as a cobra. That was almost perfection without me even knowing it was. I have to admit also that I had no "bad beat" situations, luck was not in conflict with skills.

Part two was a couple of days later. I started with the intention to win and increase my BR.  "Last time without even trying I almost doubled up, so let's concentrate and make even more out of the game." That was my state of mind. The cards didn't favor me at first, so I started to lose, not much but I couldn't accept losing now that I was devoted to the game. So, needless to say I opened up, loosened my game (in a foolish atempt to be involved in more flops, thus increasing my chances to get a winning hand, I thought). Sure thing, the Borg would come to my aid too, I would find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, Monica Belucci would fall in love with my funny, witty and sexy blog and declare her unconditional surrender to my charm. I guess we all are familiar with that totally wrong line of thought. Wishful thinking is NO fact. Fact of the matter was I ended being involved in hands I shouldn't be, chasing draws, getting the second best hand and paying dearly for it. Add a bad luck loss with the "big slick" vs an A7 (wich btw I would have dodged had I played like I did before when I would NEVER call an all-in of 90BB for a 12BB pot - check it out  here ), the result was a farewell to more than half my funds.

There we have it, folks:



Thank you all for giving the time of day (or night) to read this.

Lots of luck at the tables