Hello people.

As you already guessed I had a downswing, which in relation to my  petite BR was huge. (Just imagine Sarah Jessica Parker stepping off her 7 inch heels)

I lost a couple of buy-ins in 6-max cash tables and couldn't finish in the money in a single free-roll. Add some more cents entry fees for a couple of PSO tournaments where the best I did was finishing  6th(4 places paid). My BR looks rather little now.

Anyway, my goal is still legit, I will keep trying to win and improve. On the latter I had some thoughts regarding the cash games that were profitable for me the one day and the exact opposite the other. In a future post I will try to present these thoughts, but first I have to make a thorough analysis of my hand history in those in order to support my theory.

Thanks to all that bother to read my blog and a special thanks to all that take the effort to write.

GOOD LUCK AT THE TABLES (unless you're heads-up with me )