It's been seven days since I posted my September review, and I must say, this week has been a good week of poker for me!

Kicking off with the live poker on Tuesday evening. There were 24 entrants, and re-buys were being fired everywhere, some re-buying multiple times. This is odd, as we only allow re-buys for the first hour of play, we never really get more than 4 or 5! After a couple of hours, I busted in 6th, taking 40 valuable points for the league.

Now to online. As you may or may not have seen from my last blog entry, I made my second final table in an Open Skill League event! It happened under unfortunate circumstances though, I'd played really well to get to the final 12, then my internet connection completely crashed. When it came back up, I found I'd been blinded away and eventually finished in 5th, beating my previous record of 6th, and earning me a $0.40 cash.

Which I took to the MTT Sit and Gos for a bit of opportunistic grinding. I even made a few final tables in these events (2 in 360 player tournaments, 1 in a 90 player tournament and 1 in a 45 player tournament)! This put my bankroll at about $5, so I decided to enter The Big $3.30.

It was my first time playing a decent tournament online if you exclude the MicroMillions event I played with a ticket from the PSO. And after 3 hours of play, the bubble burst! I managed to crawl over the line for a min cash, worth $5.37!

Unfortunately since then, it hasn't been too kind, I am currently playing two $0.25 MTT Sit and Gos whilst typing this blog, with only another $0.38 in my bankroll. Sure, it's been poor bankroll management, but I will get to that once I start making deposits.

Also, in the last week I've cashed in two more BankrollMob freerolls for $0.05 and $0.10 respectively, gaining another 0.15 points for the leaderboard. Hopefully there's more where they came from!

Finally, I see that my last blog entry has been stamped for a Big Bang entry! Thank you PSO, and thank you all for reading and commenting!

Good luck at the tables everyone!