I entered the 10:00am WET Open Skill League tournament, and things were going well. Very well, in fact. Made it past the 1,440 bubble mark, past the 400 player Big Bang mark, even past the 90 player cash prize mark.

After four and a half hours of play, I found myself in the final 12. I was sitting on a stack of over 800k, more than holding my own. I was on course for my second final table in a month! Then, the frustrating thing happened.

With 12 players left, I was sitting in 8th or 9th position I think. Then, my internet connection completely failed. By the time it was up and running again, the tournament had finished, and showed that I had eventually placed 5th, which beats my previous record of 6th.

However, I feel it wasn't exactly deserved, as who knows what would have happened had the connection not cut out. I may have busted in 12th and not reached the final table, yet I could have gone on to secure a better finish, maybe even a win?

The point of this blog post is to apologise to the other eleven players. I find it frustrating when players sit out in a tournament for prolonged periods of time, and yet it is the exact thing that led me to a new high finish.

So, should any of the othe players see this, I am sorry. It wasn't my fault!

Good luck at the tables!