Maintaining success in the Open Skill League is certainly a priority of mine. After commiting one of the basic sins of online poker late last night (playing drunk), I managed to secure two more top 400 finishes, busting in 201st place in one on a bluff gone bad, and busting in 234th in the other, with my AQs running into pocket 8's.

Unfortunately, these were not consecutive finishes, but it only strengthens my belief that I have what it takes to earn a ticket to next months Big Bang freeroll!

I'm waiting for an update to my rank after my second finish, but as it stands I am 3,258th in the league with a score of 1,747. Having done a little research, a couple more good results could yet see me finish in the top 2,000 and pick up a small slice of the league's end of month prize money. I'd be incredibly happy with that, seeing as I only started this month on the 18th.

Tonight, I'm heading out to play in the redtooth pub league, it's the final week of the season. It would take a miracle for me to finish outside of the playoff places, and an even bigger one for me to finish in the top 3 automatic qualifying spots for the regional finals. I won the playoff game last season, and with the teachings from the PSO, I think I stand a good chance of repeating that.

However, this is poker, and we all know anything can happen!