You know that feeling where you constantly do the same thing over and over again, feel as though you've always been doing the right thing, and suddenly one day, you feel it all just lock into place?

That's happened to me at the MTTs. Before joining the PSO, I had a basic grasp of the game of Texas Hold 'Em. In the week after joining he PSO, my results improved dramatically. Now, I feel as though it's just going to be a bad beat, or a mistimed shove when short stacked that can take me out of the game.

Previously, I had struggled with things like bet sizing, bleeding away chips unnessecarily and going on tilt. However, I've gradually seen these things be slowly eradicated from my game, and better results are beginning to show.

Two more cash finishes, another in the 888poker Bonus $75 freeroll, where I played flawlessly again, passing the bubble mark with a decent stack. After the bubble, I just didn't pick up the hands, and ended up shoving with A10, which ran into pocket 8s. The 8s held, and I exited in 86th place from 1,831 entrants for $0.30.

Now the bigger news, I secured my best ever finish in an Open Skill League tournament. As was the case with the aforementioned freeroll, I played irtually flawlessly to the bubble mark, which was 1,080 from a field of 7,183 players. Having secured a 'cash' finish, my next goal was to make the top 400. I continued to play really well, and 2 hours in, made the top 400. I dared to dream of maybe a final table appearance, but I fell victim to a curse that strikes many a poker player.

We all have our favourite hands. Mine happens to be pocket 10s, not a monster hand, but decent. Action was folded to me in middle position, and I couldn't resist. I shoved for a stack of aroud 32k, getting myself one caller, who revealed JQ. A queen came on the flop, and my final table dream was ended. I did, however, finish in 144th place, a personal best for me, elevating my league score to 1,700 for a career high!