Having re-reviewed the MTT course a few times, I eventually passed the course, granting me a $3.30 ticket to play a MicroMillions event. I've chosen to play tonight's MicroMillions-043, $3.30 NL Hold 'Em (6-max) event. I'm hoping that with the things I've learnt over the last five days, combined with the momentum of my cashes in freeroll events, that I may be able to cash in tonight's tournament. In reality, I'm just hoping to play well.

Two more freeroll cashes in the last 24 hours, the first coming in an 888poker Bonus $75 freeroll, where all the way through the first session, I played flawlessly, not losing a single pot on showdown. However, after the break I was unlucky enough to be on the wrong side of a bad beat, my AK losing to AJ on the river for a huge pot. I ended up placing 65th out of 1,770 entrants for a $0.33 cash.

Another in the money finish in the Open Skill League too, making that 4 cashes from 12 tournaments in the OSL. With 6,800 entrants, I passed the bubble mark of 990 and busted in 786th place. This result has lifted me up the league to 5,015th place with a score of 1,648. If I can be on 1,700 by this time tomorrow, I'll be incredibly happy!

Good luck to all playing in the MicroMillions-043 tonight, let's take a slice of the money!