The last 24 hours have brought a similar level of success than my previous blog entry.

Firstly, I wanna talk about the Open Skill League. I played 2 tournaments of it yesterday, the first busting out in around 3,300th place out of 10,000 entrants, then secured my second 'cash' finish in only five tournaments, surviving a minefield of 8,325 opponents to finish in 727th place.

In these five tournaments alone, I've managed to jump up all the way to 8,345th place in the league standings. My only regret so far is that I joined the July league a bit too late! The 'My Stats' feature is awesome, although the zeroes below 'final tables' and 'tournament wins'  are something I'd like to eradicate! Obviously, making the final table in an event where there are regularly 10,000 entrants is an absolutely massive achievement, and I'm making it my next goal as far as Open Skill League tournaments are concerned.

Speaking of final tables, yesterday I managed to secure a place in my first ever freeroll final table! It came courtesy of another BankrollMob $25 Freeroll, and from an initial field of 2,023 players, after almost two hours I found myself in the final nine!

I was pretty short stacked compared to the other players, but I got a couple of double-ups when I needed them. 9th place busted, followed by 8th place not long afterwards. Then, as short stack of the table, I picked up 88 in the SB, with the biggest stack on the table in the BB. Everyone folded to me, and I shoved, only for the BB to call and turn over AQs. The flop brought a queen, and the river brought an ace, so I busted out in 7th place.

Still, I am immensely proud to make a final table just 2 days after creating this progress blog. I just hope there's many more to come!