Up until discovering the poker school here at Pokerstars, I considered myself to be quite a good player. I regularly play in the redtooth pub league in the UK, having twice reached the regional finals out of three full seasons played. Having finished in the top 50% of players at both regional tournaments, I began to think to myself perhaps I could one day make a living from playing poker!

And then I took some of the quizzes on the poker school website. I expected to breeze them, believeing I had a great deal of knowledge already. I was wrong. I failed them, falling well short of the pass marks.

Poker is a game of strategy and luck. What many (including myself) fail to realise is how much strategy plays a part in success at the table. I found after taking these quizzes and reading up on strategies from the pros, playing mediocre hands in bad positions led to me bleeding my chips, and always succumbed to tilt.

I've created this blog to cover my progress from an amateur player to hopefully something much more. Just before writing this first entry, I've signed up to my first online training session with GarethC23. I'm hoping to learn as much as possible, and enter a few events at the MicroMillions here at Pokerstars.

Time to learn. Shuffle up and deal!