For me, being uncomfortable isn't the worst thing in the world when playing MTT's. This doesn't mean that I set the house to an unbearably hot temperature, starve myself or rule out bathroom breaks (eww..). I'm talking about my stack size.

Usually I'm out about 2/3 of the way  through the tournament. I let myself get blinded down, shove with 10BB, get called by the table leader (who I can only assume is chuckling and going "I have J5, sure, why not?&quot:wink: , and then cry when the flop comes J J 5. I'm getting called by terrible hands, simply because my 10BB is not enough to put people to a real test. They're risking so few of their own chips that they can call with any two cards.

Which leads me to the mini-epiphany I had last week. I've read so many times that you should be comfortable when you have 30 big blinds. Assuming that being comfortable and uncomfortable are mutually exclusive states, anything less than 30BB should therefore make me uncomfortable. I felt a lightbulb actually turn on in my brain when I realized this. I shouldn't be waiting until I'm completely dominated to go all in, I should be shoving when my stack size will actually force many people to fold.

Feeling enlightened, I played a 180 person SNG last week to test out my new theory. It worked. For the first time, I actually cashed in that tournament (yes it was only 18th, but whatever). I felt so much more confident playing this way, and double ups usually got me over the average chip stack, not still floundering near the bottom. I did drop this strategy at the end, because frankly I panicked. The one person with fewer chips than me was sitting out, and I wasn't about to go out 19th and let someone sitting out make the money (I know, I know, I should have been playing to win, but I couldn't help it). Next time I'll be more consistent and see what happens. Hopefully soon I can report a win