I took the SNG course last night; holy smokes that is a lot of information! I found it very useful, and there were quite a few situations where I realized my own game play differs from what I should be doing in these spots. For example: 4 people left, two middle stacks go all in, and you're short stack with KK. What do you do? My previous reaction was always "all in!!! I can triple up!" whereas I should be folding. I told my dad about this situation, and before I could even finish talking he cut me off with "fold. always fold. one of them will get knocked out or be crushed, and you'll most likely make the money." Hmph. Sorry for being a noob.

Also, I realized that I'm much too passive with my raises (my raises are rarely the 4BB that they suggest) and if I've hit the flop, I try to draw it out and not bet big right away. I also try to avoid going all in unless I am in desperate need of a double up; I've never used it as a tool to force other people to make big choices. So basically, I needed to toughen up and be aggressive.

After taking the course I played two 9 person SNG's to try and put some of these techniques into practice. I felt good during those games, because I felt like I had a gameplan. It was nice being able to go "ok, in this spot I can raise, and then post flop... etc etc etc" Any time  I took a major hit was always when I was going "well...according to the course I should fold, but i'll just limp here....oh f$#%....ok well maybe i can bluff my way out of this........f$#%."  Any time I was in doubt, a cheerleader-like chant entered into my head: BE AGGRESSIVE!! BE BE AGGRESSIVE!!!  (it's still there, I can't get rid of it). And for the most part I was. I made big bets and went all in waaaay more often than normal, and I finished 4th and 1st in the two games.

I'm pretty pleased with the results, but I definately need to re-read the articles in the course. And take notes. Lots and lots of notes.