Do you ever have periods where life becomes so hectic and crazy that poker takes a back seat? Thats what happened to me for the last....9 months. First it was my honours thesis, then wedding planning, etc etc etc. I was still playing poker, but it was just random games here and there, and I wasn't making an active attempt to improve my abilities.

In my positive psychology class this week, we were asked to write a hypothetical 'legacy' for ourselves; what we would want people to remember about us after we're gone. My legacy was mainly comprised of poker accomplishments (heads up, I'm going to be the first woman to win the WSOP main event). After they were written, we had to figure out if we were currently taking steps to achieve those goals. Sadly, for me it was a big fat 'no'.  

And thats why I'm back. I want to play poker, and I want to be good at it. I'm not going to gain these skills by day dreaming about winning tournaments, (but man if that was possible i would be awesome), I actually have to enter them! So I'm here with a more focused and determined attitude, and I think 2012 is going to be great

Watch out world, here I come!