There it is. The hardest part of starting any written piece is the beginning, and now that 'blarg' has taken care of that for me, I can actually begin.

Poker. Poker poker poker. Where to begin? I suppose my addiction started last fall when my dad showed me how to play hold 'em, and after watching last year's WSOP final I was not only hooked, but a tiny part of my brain began telling me at night that poker could actually be viable career choice. Fiance did not agree with me, but after some crying paired with intermittent blubbers of "why don't you believe in me??" he has been forced to verbally confirm that he supports me no matter what.

So after destroying fiance heads up yesterday and crushing an 18 player sng this morning, I decided that my next move should be to create this blog. This will improve my poker skills, and it will also (hopefully) teach me to not give up on things half way through. I'm not saying that's a problem of mine or anything, but my new years resolution of doing yoga every week (because, like most 23 year olds, I suffer from chronic back pain), has already failed epically, and it's only March. Although, thats not really my fault, because my tendonitis....well, whatever.

So, now that school is almost done for the year, I have a labtop (despite numerous corrections from others I always call it a labtop, so it's easier for me to say this now then apologize for my atrocious spelling later) and my confidence is at an all time high, it's time to begin my journey to pokerstardom.

But first thing's first. I need to do some yoga.