Hey PSO'ers

just dropping a little note that I will be on WSOP leave now for the next 3 weeks, so the bad news is there won't be any streams or trainings from me during that time - good news is that I will try to upload as much vlog material as possible on my YouTube to share my journey with you.

Here's the playlist to all my previous preparation vlogs, don't forget to follow from tomorrow! As stated in my latest vlog I gave away 2% of my action to the winners of my private tournaments which were held yesterday - those winners are...

'Pendul7' from Switzerland...

...and 'sotiris16' from Cyprus who can now sweat a little with the sergeant

My next vlogs will certainly be much less "scripted" and more about my daily Vegas adventures. I want them to be a real reflection of what is going on so a) you guys don't feel like you're missing out on the action and b) so I've got all those great memories recorded to look back on later.

Let me close this last June blog by saying how much I appreciate your support. I have received so many messages from followers wishing me the best and rooting hard for me. Makes me so happy and motivated guys, thanks a ton - I will do this #forthgang!

7 days to go until day 1A of the mainevent. Next stop: Vegas, Baby!

- Felix