Hey PSO'ers,

after 9 years of playing poker I am finally at the point of my career where I have built the right bankroll and enough confidence to finally give that initial dream of mine a shot.

Playing the WSOP mainevent one day has always been a huge motivator in my pursuit of poker success. You can read more about that on my little piece at the PokerStars blog.

For now I would like to share my two most recent video blogs with you where I focus on what to prepare for and how to do it:

Episode #1: The hype is real!

Episode #2: Why I am a tellbox and why I have a notebook

[youtube link="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh0_g7-wRwc"]

I also would like to let you know already that I want to share a little part of that dream with you which is why I'm not only looking to document my mainevent journey but also give away 1% of my action before I leave for Vegas.

Stay tuned for this giveaway, I haven't yet decided how but it will happen and it's most likely to be happening on one of my upcoming streams at www.twitch.tv/xflixx_teampokerstars so make sure you're following!

See you there or in Vegas,