I believe my very first contact with the game of poker even long before I heard of Texas Hold'em was at a buddy's kitchen table. We didn't even play for nickes and dimes, but salty sticks or chocholate snacks instead.

Stud & Draw Week on PokerStars now got me to try out a couple of good old cowboy saloon style 5-card draw hands. I probably made plenty of foolish beginner mistakes, but boy was it fun:

Even though I will probably not become a regular player in these games I definitely feel like there is lots interesting things to learn about them which in turn can ultimately help my limit hold'em game too.

Also, there's some extra cash up for grabs and fun to be had completing those challenges - so why not give it a try yourself PSO? Post your hands in this thread, I will try to chime in and learn a little about those games together with all of you!

- Felix