Hey PSO'ers,

on my last stream I was playing one of my regular midstakes 6-max cashgame sessions when a rough run of cards started to influence my mindset in a negative way. I then tried to remind myself to sit straight and think rational in order not to let any emotions or early forms of tilt worsen my decisions.

I jokingly said something along the lines of "We're only human after all, things like that happen and we have to forgive ourselves for them. Would be cool if you could be a robot though!".

Then I decided to try acting like one just for the entertainment of the viewers, but it actually seemed to click and bring more rationale to some of my decisions in game. I continued to do this a couple of times during my session and it produced some pretty good results along with some funny highlights like this one:

Oh and by the way the topic for our next PSO class will be:

"Advanced Mindset Strategies: Turning into a robot professional poker player"

Try it out at the tables yourself if you like, but please don't forget to switch back to human mode afterwards!

- Felix