Hey PSO'ers

just wanted to post a quick update on things for April!

So the month of March is over and I booked a decent profit playing 100NL cashgames while streaming all my sessions live on Twitch. This really helped me focus on my game and keep me mentally occupied so that emotional disctraction or tilt wasn't an issue at all at any given time. The gang can be the biggest motivator to perform well and bring A-game, I can tell you!

Today marked a little milestone in my #grindingitup and Twitch history thus far:

I got featured on the frontpage of Twitch and we had an influx of many people completely new to poker. I really think this is a great opportuniy for us to spread the word about poker, share our enthusiasm for the game and show the world how competitive and sportslike it can be what we are doing.

I'm looking forward to my shots at 200NL this month and to many more fun streams with all of you. We will certainly be doing some live training classes as well. probably on Spin and Go strategy again as that is what many of you have been requesting.

Stay tuned and don't forget to try out giuFish in chat:

- Felix