Just in case you haven't already read about it on my site, social media or heard it from me in person - and just in case you are not already qualified for tonight's $9,000,000 GTD Sunday Million:


I'm still giving away 31% of my action!

Win up to 10% of that using my Starcode 'xflixx' which buys you an $11 ticket to the super satellite with 1k guaranteed seats AND nets you a free entry into my all-in shootout for my action %.

Here's the exact details on the promo which only runs until tonight (tourney stars ~6pm CET):

In addition I will be streaming the event (in German language) on Twitch starting 8pm CET. We are also running a couple of homegames with special giveaways so make sure you're stopping by to learn some German with us or just rail for a while while we all keep saying: #iwontmillion!