Hey PSOers,

time for a short end-of-month recap, here we go:

This week was exciting as I finally moved into my first official office of my own and it's right in the center - the heart of my hometown Cologne next to our big Cathedral.

I already completed a basic setup cosisting of my desk, computer and a huge whiteboard behind me. Check out a quick little impression of everything here on my very first test stream:

[youtube link="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae8MciK_kHQ"]

I'm looking forward to my first grinding, coaching and live seminar sessions here, also because I can network with other small business owners in the building complex and enjoy an espresso with city view in the cafeteria.

If you ever make the trip to Cologne let me know beforehand as it's just a jump right out of the central train station next to the Cathedral to visit me.

Maybe I'll record a little walkaround of the entire office complex soon.

Until then & best of luck at the tables,

- Felix