Hey PSO'ers,

I just returned from Munich from another great session of German livestream commentary for EPT Deauville with fellow commentator Martin Pott. These times are truly great as we have tons of fun together watching, commenting and analysing stuff that happens on stream with the German viewership. I will write a more detailed blogpost on it at the end of this month for the PS blog!

For now I got some more strategy & mindset content coming up.

First of all let me hand you the most recent 2 episodes of Mindsetting it UP!:

Episode #3: Be in the Moment!

Episode #4: Unplug the Panic Switch!

Theory Tuesday

Tomorrow I got some more free content coming up for all of you, so make sure you tune in to some of it being streamed live!

Early morning 9am CET (3am ET) I will be streaming another Subscriber Review class with videos and BOOMplayer link analysis so come and stop by if you can.

If you got to miss that I have a late night webinar coming up at 9pm about Zoom Poker Microstakes calling ranges versus single opens.

Either way I hope to see some of you tomorrow!

- Felix