Hey PSO'ers,

the WCOOP is sitll in full swing and I have played a total of 8 events so far. I cashed in 3 of them, mostly the minimum but add in some bounties from the progressive Superknockout to get me at least close to breaking even. So there are still 2 final shots at binking a score coming up this week on Thursday ($320 6-Max) and Sunday ($215 Warm-Up).

As I did with some of my previous events I will be streaming some of the action live on my Twitch.tv channel, come over on Thursday and check it out. In case you can't make it no worries the recordings all go up on my YouTube channel.

Here's the playlist of all WCOOP'ing it UP! episodes that I have created so far:

See you in one of the next streams or trainings and of course at the tables!