Hey guys,

it's been quite a while since my last blog and lots has been going on in the #grindingitup world. I haven't found the time yet to continue with both my #CoachingItUp and #GrindingItUp episodes yet since a little different fun project came in the way:

The #SummerDailyChallenge promotion at PokerStars has been on since mid-August and I have recorded each of my attempts at solving the daily tasks for my YouTube channel!

The little video series is a lot of fun to produce as the challenges are fairly easy to complete but allow for some creativity as to the choice of formats. It's fair to say I have been playing stuff I haven't been playing in a long time so that adds to the fun of it.

You can enjoy 13 episodes so far and more daily episodes are to follow:

Keep #grindingitup!