Still owing you guys the wrap up of my trip report from the Bahamas, here we go:

January 9th - HU4ROLLZ!

That's right, Heads-Up for rolls was gonna be the theme of the day! Of course, not to be taken literally, it rather was a promotion run by everyone from Team Online where we would sit down on a comfy couch on the stage in the player's lounge waiting for opponents who were willing to take us on (for free) in a HU hyperturbo SNG. People in the audience could watch and follow the action on big screens behind our backs while waiting for their turn to play us.

Before I had my spot for the promo that night I started the day off nice and easy with a walk to the pool and beach areas to relax a little together with these two blokes from the German media team:

They introduced me to all the different water slides and the "Lazy River" which I hadn't tried before. Good to have some experienced PCA'ers showing me what to do and what not to do!

I skipped the slide that went straight down in a vertical line bumping you off ground a little. Only heard a girl going down the tube screaming like she was going to die and that was enough reason for me to take the more relaxed slides.

What a great way to start a day in the Bahamas!

During HU4ROLLZ I proceeded to lose an astonishing 7 matches in a row to the final winner of the promo. I could not win a single hand against this very nice guy who just ran hotter than the sun! Even my flopped straight with on coudln't stop his AJ from winning haha. I was really happy for him to take down the 5 grand for 1st place in the end:

January 10th thru 12th - More Live Stream Commentary

Again, I started the days off with more visits to the slides and beaches:

Later each day I would get called by the German live stream commentator again to join in on the action in the booth. What can I say, it kept getting more and more fun and I couldn't stop or leave - especially with free food on the line!

Seriously, I had such a great time doing the commentary I would love to do it again sometime. The German audience also seemed to have been quite pleased with my performance in front of the microphone. I'm by no means an expert in being a moderator, but after all I felt at least a little used to babbling about poker strategy from my live trainings and videos, haha.

On my last day I got my second fix of slide action together with my Team Online mate Dale aka "daleroxxu". We tried out all the Mayan Temple slides, where one of them lets you go through an entire shark tank (yeah right the one that SirFreddy jumped into to win his sidebet!)

Time on the Bahamas went over far to quickly and I truly enjoyed my first experience here. I met so many new and awesome people, specifically everyone from Team Online. We got to bond and stengthen the "Team" character, plus I got to see such a nice place on earth I would otherwise never have had the chance to travel to.

I'm really grateful to be part of Team Online and I hope to be back next year!