...so where were we? Our hero was just about to feel like home and sit down with a couple stacks of red just like he is used to from all his Vegas trips:

Not much happened for the first couple of hours, then a pretty interesting hand came up:

With $250 stacks MP opened to 15, I flatted with TT from the SB and so did the BB which I hadn't noticed as I was sitting in the 9 seat (standard problem). Hence I check/called the flop for a $20 bet and was surprised when a BB out of nowhere joined us. Turn was the and I check/called for 55 again figuring that the aggressor must be very strong firing into the two of us. BB now check/jammed for ~160 more and the opener snapped it off giving me odds of about 1:4,4. That means I would need around 23% equity to make the call. I was going back and forth in my head but I couldn't come up with a scenario that would favor me for calling this off on any better than a close gamble. I ended up folding and watched 88 take it down against J8. Adding insult to injury the river was a queen.

I played a couple more orbits after that but couldn't turn a profit in the end, so I decided to rack up and go to bed.

Jan 8th - German Live Stream Action

That morning I checked my facebook messages and saw a buddy tell me that I had been mentioned as an upcoming guest commentator on the German PCA livestream and I was completely psyched about this!

So after my standard nitty $12 Starbucks breakfast (which by the way I enjoy a lot, especially since I get my shots of decent early morning espresso) I headed to the PCA TV area and met Martin Pott who manages the German EPT livestreams. Also joining us was George Danzer from Team Pro. Here's a shot of the three of us in action:

At first I was quite a bit nervous I must admit but it turned out to be such a fun experience and in fact it felt quite similar to hosting a live training or sunday special.

The only real issue I had in the back of my mind was that I expected not to be too comfortable commenting on MTT play as a cashgame player, but in the end the feedback was great and ze Germans seemed to like my thoughts about different spots and players.

The longer we commented the more I felt at ease doing this and the more fun it got in the end. Martin (right guy on the pic) even wanted me to stay until the end of the show after George had to leave us and he told me I was welcome to join anytime the upcoming days. Totally new experience for me, but an awesome one. Will write more about this in the final installment of my trip report.

For now I got to get back to work and hop into the Sunday grind!