Nassau Airport offers free WiFi so I feel obligated to make the best use of it that I can by starting to write up a little recap of my very first PCA experiences during an exciting last week and share them with you guys while waiting for my flight back home.

I have never before been to the Caribbean in my life and for one I am really glad I was lucky enough to have escaped the sometimes depressing winter in Germany. But I also met a whole bunch of great people and did stuff that I wouldn't have thought about shortly before arriving in the Bahamas.

Jan 5th - Travels & First Impressions

I flew from DUS to Nassau via Miami where we had a couple of hours delay. Met up with Dale "daleroxxu" Philip here and we shared a nice limo that PokerStars sent out to pick up their Supernova players to Atlantis. It was already dark once we got there so I couldn't really get a first impression of the huge resort property which in actual daylight looks like this:

I checked in at the Coral Tower and got my typical 90ies motel decor style room. I unpacked my bags and headed downstairs to check out at least the Casino and some of the surrounding area.

I made my way to the Marina Village at the harbour where bands were still playing and rich people chilling on their boats. Found a Johnny Rockets and got myself some late night food at a decent price considering that Atlantis is best known for being an expensive place. One Melatonin pill helped me get a good night's sleep, cover the jetlag and be well rested for next day's action plans.

Jan 6th - Team Online Meeting & Dinner

9:30 AM sharp it was for all of us from Team Online. We met up at the conference center and had a very long, intense meeting. I got to say hi to everyone else from the Team whom I hadn't met before on the Isle of Man for UKIPT. It was both a productive and fun day we spent together. Along with a couple of other members I had my first official PokerStars Photoshoot which I hope turned out great. I currently only got hands on one shot:

Later at night we all had dinner at the Mesa Grill where Rick Dacey from the PS Blog joined us. He also wrote a piece about our dinner time and I can only confirm what he had to say. To me this day really highlighted and strengthened all implications the word "Team" in Team Online has.

Story of the Day:

When I asked a staff lady for the way to the Mesa Grill she told me "Oh no honey you can't walk there!" and directed me to a shuttle bus. After wrapping up our dinner we decided to walk back from there and it turned out to be no more than a nice 10 minute walk. Exciting implications about the laziness of the average Atlantis visitor!

Jan 7th - More Meetings & Some Cashgame

Another busy day ahead. This time we had individual meetings scheduled, I had a live training to hold at IntelliPoker and I wanted to explore Atlantis after walking into the holy PCA halls:

However, this sign stopped me halfways when I felt a sudden urge to sit down:

See how my first cashgame adventure went in part 2 of my tripreport!