Starting from level 5 I was back at 20k and just could not really get into the right mindset of finding good spots to make chips with shallow stacks, especially after my failed big bluff robbed me of a little confidence and credibility at the table.

A while later Leo Margets was moved to our table and I was able to pick up some money without showdown by shoving over one of her and some other people's opens. When I got down to 12 big blinds in level 8 I picked my spot to shove over a loose open but got coldcalled by the button with TT and got no help.

Busting out of a big event obviously never feels good but I had more than enough reasons to be happy and look forward to a couple more things.

First up was the player's party at 9PM in a club on the promenade which was held with a Halloween motto. Some people showed up in a costume including my buddy HoRRoR who went as a werwulf and there was a contest where the best one would win a tourney ticket to the Isle of Man Cup the next day. You can watch some impressions from the party here!

I met another bunch of great people at this party and it happened that I got invited to play Magic: The Gathering by ex-magic player Quentin Martin at his house the next day. The cool thing was that except for Dale every Team Onliner on the island used to play Magic and so Quentin asked all of us plus David Williams to come and play. You may realize how ecstatic we all were by looking at Mickey Petersen's reaction to the invitation: "I'm gonna try and bust quickly tomorrow so I can join you guys!".

Day 4 - Magic the Gathering and Team Online Night Out

Early in the morning at around 6AM I got thrown out of bed by a loud fire alarm. At first I couldn't quite believe it wouldn't be some sort of test but as soon as I heard people running downstairs I grabbed some of my stuff and went outside. Everyone including the pros were standing there, mostly freezing in their pyjamas. The fire brigade came, checked everything and confirmed a false alarm so everyone could go back to sleep.

Apart from this I would be tempted to say this day was one of the best here on the island. It threw me back 15 years in time onto the floor of somebody's flat playing Magic again. We met up at Quentin's house to play a Magic "Team Draft" with David William's "Cube". A Cube is a collection of all the most favorite Magic cards that came out over the years and to play a Draft you form teams of 3 each who get to pick from random selections out of it. It felt just like being 16 years old again, sitting on the floor, playing cards, eating ordered food and having tons of fun. My strategy didn't really work out though, I was just too inexperienced with all the new cards and concepts so that I got pretty much run over by everyone. At least I managed to win at credit card roulette and didn't have to pay for the Indian food we had ordered.

In the evening Team Online got together again at a Pub called "Bath & Bottle" for some drinks and snacks. Again I managed to dodge all outs in credit card roulette once more which makes me 2:0 for this game lifetime. Must be nice!

Day 5 & 6 - Online Grind & Flight Home

Not much happened on these days except for another official meeting at the Villa Marina together with all the Team Pros where I got to shake hands with Daniel, Liv and Jake Cody for the first time.

Later I went back to the hotel and started a long sunday grind online playing cashgames, some bigger tourneys, the Team Online freeroll and the Red Spade Open. Meanwhile I was watching the UKIPT livestream railing our Team Online manager Chris who made it up to the final table and finished 4th in the end.

On my last day I headed to the airport early after breakfast accompanied by great weather:

Had quite some trouble catching my connecting flight from London to Düsseldorf, in the end my baggage didn't make it. Used to that by now travelling so much to the US and the best frequent flyer advice I can give is never put anything you really need into your luggage to be checked in cause you might have to wait a couple of days until you get your bag.

In conclusion this trip was totally awesome, I had a great time seeing the home of PokerStars, playing live poker (plus some Magic too) and meeting so many interesting people. My live poker travels continue next week when I will be heading out for Vegas again. All I can say right now is I am really happy with where poker got me, travelling the world, meeting all these people and playing the game that I love.