Not quite back from vacation and I had already hit the virtual felts again for quite some volume:

VPP Counter 2013: 96700

Have grinded out about 11k VPPs within the last two weeks and I have another week to make 7k more VPPs. With those I intend to not only clear the Supernova status 2013 but also do some advance work for the month of November. On October 30th I will be leaving my little nerd cave again for another...

Live Poker Tour

First off I will be flying out to the Isle of Man to play in one of my first major live tournaments and meet up with some of my fellow Team Online and Team Pro members. Pretty excited about this trip I must say!

On November 13th I will be heading out to Vegas for a little cashgame trip, so there will be not much time for grinding online or doing private coaching. Back to...

Online Grind

Volume usually drags my winrate down by a fair bit. I realized that once more grinding it out at 200NL Zoom this month by failing to bring more than my B-game most of the time. My graph reflects this quite nicely:

Now on to the actual title of this blog:

"Are you there?"

I play my best poker when I am completely "there" - right in the moment of my decision making. I would describe this as the maximum concentration of focus, intuition and momentum within yourself. This is a state of mind that no poker knowledge, no theory, no absorption of content can provide you with. You either bring it or you don't.

In order to get me into this state of mind more often I have started to open up one table of 500NL Zoom to accompany my 200NL tables. Because the stakes are high and the villains tough I basically force myself to bring more mindpower to the table thereby also increasing the quality of poker I play at the other tables. I have only managed to produce a small volume through 1-tabling but I feel like I play much better poker this way. Results:

I also worked on my game this week both by myself and by taking 3 coaching lessons that were of tremendous help to push my game forward.

Now I'm enjoying my day off and will hit the tables tomorrow when the "Carnival of Tournaments" is in town for the last night with big guarantees and the 800billionth tournament.

See you at the tables!