The next day we finally made our way back to Vegas on a detour through Death Valley. The 8 hour scenic drive was awesome but also very exhausting. I'm glad we made it out alive:

For our last 3 nights we had booked the Treasure Island which turned out to be a really neat hotel with a great location on one of the nicest parts of the Strip. We went for some final shopping, dining, gambling and saw Circque de Soleil's Mystére - which inspired me to write this piece for the PokerStars blog.

Pokerwise, I had kind of a rough start on the day we arrived. I went over to the Wynn for a short late night session and immediately dropped a stack in a straddled pot when I bumped it up to 50 HU against the button straddler w/ JJ. He popped it to 175 which seemed awfully large considering my measly $500 stack. However, since he seemed a little steamy from some lost pots before this hand and considering the size I was 100% certain he had AK. I lost the flip and could not get much going that session either, so I called it a day.

Next day I played a pretty interesting hand in a very big pot:

I got a seat in the main 2/5 at the Wynn which was looking very juicy with deep stacks all around, so I decided to buy in for 1k. I squeezed w/ red Aces OTB to 55 against an UTG open and a caller who seemed a little annoyed.

Both players called and we saw a flop. The checked to me and I made the same bet of 55 hoping to induce action. The OR folded, but annoyed guy instabumped it to 175 with all green chips. That move, the speed and his demeanor seemed bluffy to me so I tried to look as reluctant as possible before matching his green chips.

Turn was another deuce and he checked to me. I tanked a little while and then moved in for a slight overbet of 550 into ~400, hoping to look bluffy myself and get a call from his pairs or pair plus draw type hands. When he took some time before finally calling I was happy to have read him correctly.

Unfortunately the river wasnt cooperating and turned his 44 into a straight netting him around 8xx in profit. Meh, another losing session. My rack looked like this after the pot:

Since I wouldnt have the time to play too long sessions at all this trip I finally decided whats most reasonable on a run like this: move up and win it all back! Inspired and motivated by what I had thought about while watching Mystére I just felt like it was the right place and the right time to finally take my shot at higher stakes again. Even though the trip had taken a little chunk out of my bankroll it would still be able to absorb a couple of stack losses for a shot like this too. I immediately made my way to the B and jumped right into one of their 150BB capped buy-in games for a start.

Apart from one great spot I actually didnt play too many big pots and just managed to constantly chip up with the hands I got. The spot was interesting though as I probably could have made a little more off the hand:

I had started to ramp up the preflop aggression and got into some battles with a guy who seemed to be willing to mess around with me. I minopened the BU with Aces like I had done many times before, he 3-bet me to 60, I 4-bet to 200 and he snapcalled, signaling AK or a midpair to me. When the flop came K 4 6 I was pretty happy with the situation and bet 220 after he checked to me. He instaraised to 490, which I called after a while.

The turn Q wasnt exactly the best card in the deck, but still I was pretty confident that he was screwing around and when he finally checked the turn after some deliberation I moved him in for his remaining 600. He threw away his cards mumbling "i should have shoved myself". Maybe a turncheck would have been good in that spot, I'm not sure.

Seeing that the guy from 2/5 took a similar line against me the other day where I felt he would definitely call my shove I just went with my instincts here.

So, here I am on my way back to Germany, looking forward to click buttons on Stars again. I will be back in November, as my live roll isnt depleted yet and I have tasted some of that highly addictive 5/10 lets see what this town holds for me next time!