Now that we're heading back to Vegas and passing through LA again I wanted to play at both the Commerce and the Bike for once to get a feel what its like to play in CA in contrast to Vegas.

I arrived at the Commerce pretty late, jumped right into a 5/5 game and got myself a players card. The atmosphere differs greatly from the Vegas games starting with the sheer size of the room, the noise and the chips. They're heavy, the 5's are yellow and you have to be careful not to tip the dealer 100 bucks with your white chips like you're used to in Vegas.

So here I was, rusty old online Flix trying to get back into the live poker groove. Its always hard in the beginning, especially when youre not used to handling and riffling heavier chips you look like a beginner to them (which actually is quite a cool side effect).

There were no real big spots I got involved in until a very loud and loose guy got seated to our table. I had a Team Online patch on my backpack and I think he was eyeballing it for some time as he started to make more and more moves on me. First he started to repeatedly donk pot into me on a couple occasions when I was the preflop Raiser, but I couldnt really do much with the hands I got against him unless I wanted to start spewing around. He the started to 3bet my opens more often until we had that big comfrontation I was waiting for:

I flat a tight guys open to 15 OTB with and said guy flats in the BB. The Flop comes , both check to me and I bet 30 into 50, he calls quickly and the PFR folds. Turn is the , he checks and I bet out another 65 while he goes into the tank (which I like a lot as it somehow suggests hes getting creative again). After a while he calls and we see a river . He instantly flings two white $100 chips and a couple of yellows into the pot which I instantly match with a measly blue $1 chip. I didnt even think about what kinds of hands he could have had or made, the overall atmosphere between us combined with our history was just blatantly telling me he was bluffing. He didnt even realize I had snapped him off until the dealer asked him to turn over his cards. He muttered "got a 5" and left the table for a smoking break right after the hand.

So I wrapped up my first 3 hour long session at LA's biggest poker room booking a nice little $300 profit. We moved closer to the Bicycle Casino the next day and I managed to pick up another 100 bucks in what was a rather uneventful session the next day:

Had a couple of typical grinders around me at the Bike who weren't particularly aggro or tough to play but seemd to be the type not to give you too much action or screw around. That was different at the Commerce where I was able to build some quick personal history and dynamics with certain villains. Fun fact, I did recognize a couple of faces from LATB. Would have loved to get on the show, but it was Saturday so the LATB table remained empty. Next time!

Stay tuned for the next installment about our 10 hour trip to Vegas via Death Valley and my next poker sessions!