I will put my "Grinding USA" posts on a little hiatus until next week to write up a little September recap. Although I haven't had much time to grind online after being in the US for 3 weeks I managed to squeeze in just enough volume to put me in the green!

Live & Online Cashgame

After scoring a decent profit in LA casinos I hit a little downer in the Vegas cardrooms. I managed to crawl back out of that hole by taking an ambitious 5/10 shot at the Bellagio. You can read about the details of these adventures in my upcoming "Grinding USA" entry and in a little piece I wrote for the PokerStars Blog.

Inspired by my live poker highstakes adventures I started jumping into the $2,5/$5 Zoom pool more often after my return from the US. I did that only when I felt the timing was right, when I was able to bring my A-game, when the game was full and my motivation high. Regarding stack- and betsizes no big adjustment was necessary here as I was already used to that playing 2/5 live for years. The real challenge was adjusting to the new game dynamics and the aggressive plays of so many more competent opponents, so I only played 1 table the whole time.

For my "highstakes adventures" I have set aside a little shot bankroll of 5 stacks which I have managed to increase to 9 by now:

This new challenge is a lot of fun and I have this feeling that for a long time something is "moving" again in my poker career. Here's quite an appropriate quote I found on the net that comes from Osho, a philosopher from India:

"There is risk, but life itself is risk. For a higher life there will be higher risks. You move on a dangerous path. But remember, there is only one error in life, and that is not moving at all; that is, just sitting afraid that if you move something may go wrong, so it is better to wait and sit. This is the only error. You will not be in danger but no growth will be possible."


So far I have played in 4 WCOOP events but only mincashed in one of them which puts me around $650 in the red for MTTs this month. Today is my last chance of making my first WCOOP a success by playing 6-max event number 64. Any railkarma is much appreciated, good luck to all you guys with your own sundaygrind!

Grinding it UP! Season 2

The challenge is back with season 2 and I have already put out 5 new episodes on my YouTube channel. Unfortunately I don't have the time to grind more than the volume I manage during the recordings but that way the new season has a lot more improv character with a new live session on every weekday. Hope you guys enjoy it!

September Accounting

VPP Counter 2013: 83.755

Cashgame Winnings Live: +$22
Cashgame Winnings Online: +$1826,84
MTT Winnings: -$643,39

Total: +$1204,61

Expect some serious live poker content in my next blog post of "Grinding USA", until then have a great week and good luck at the tables!