On day 2 we finally started our road trip after a classic pancake breakfast and headed towards Arizona, land of the Grand Canyon. It took us close to 6 hours as we stopped at Lake Mead:

... the Hoover Dam:

... and a part of route 66 at Seligman:

We stayed for one night at Yavapai Lodge which costs nearly as much as the Wynn. Of course it can't provide luxury and comfort, but it's so close to the canyon you might as well stumble right into it if you're sleepwalking. Right on time before the sun was about to go down we made our way to the cliffs and ledges of the canyon to stare at one of nature's biggest wonders. I will never forget this view, it was so incredibly stunning and humbling:

On the next morning we got up as early as possible before sunrise and climbed the ledges of another incredible viewpoint. It looks like a lot more dangerous area from further away than it actually was:

After breakfast we made our way to some more viewpoints but decided to head back to Vegas early due to the length of the drive. I still can't decide which viewpoint or ledge was best, the view from all of them was literally breathtaking. Next time we will stop here for some more nights to be able to explore the area better and go hiking.

Back in Vegas we checked into our hotelroom at the Wynn. Boy what a change of worlds, from pure nature to pure manmade luxury:

I also managed to play my first poker session that night, which was pretty uneventful except for one big hand:

I open A K to 15 from MP, he flats OTB. Flop comes K 4 7, he calls my 20 while smirking at me. Turn is an innocent 2 and he raises my bet of 40 to 105.  I call and check the river 7 to which he checks back his K4 in disgust.  In hindsight his flop smirk might have already given away the real strength of his hand and checking turn or even folding to his raise may have been better. Some typical nuances that I just dont get being so rusty with the live pokers right now.

That night I had to struggle with my stomach again so in the morning we decided to reschedule our planned Death Valley visit and make our way on the direct route I-15 to Los Angeles, only stopping at Primm Outlets for some more shopping along the road. 6 hours later we found ourselves stuck in the middle of a typical LA highway traffic jam.

We stayed at a few smaller hotels and motels during our time in LA, visited the Hollywood sign from a new angle which we left out on our last trip:

...worked out at Runyon Canyon in the Hollywood Hills and went to see Elysium in the Arclight theatre. Something I also nearly forgot about was a place that I have wanted to try for breakfast real bad for a long time seeing it on HBO's awesome show "Entourage", the infamous "Urth Caffe":

There is a reason why the series promotes this place. It has superdelicious food and dark roast coffee. I had the LA breaspudding with caramelized apples:

Our next stop was to be San Diego, but more about that next week!