Finally I'm finding a couple of minutes rest at a small cafe in LA to write down what happened the last days. I don't know how long this trip report is going to be as I will just continue writing down my westcoast US experiences this late summer until I've got it all together. So definitely expect a few installments of these the upcoming weeks.

September - the wife and I had been looking forward to our next US road trip months before. We landed in Vegas on a Saturday with a whole flood of German tourists which I will call "recreational flyers" (RFs) from now on. I usually start my solo trips to the US on weekdays so it was quite unfamiliar for me to see such a big RF to regular ratio. Anyway, our overseas flight from Düsseldorf to Chicago was quite pleasant with 9 hours of inseat entertainment, enough room for our legs and decent food. We had to wait for quite a while at immigrations due to the flood of RFs and cover some really wide distances between terminals, but at least that helped us kill time until our connecting flight to Vegas.

Fortunately I had registered for a Dollar Express Card prior to the trip so upon arrival in Vegas we could sneak our way past another long qeue of RFs at the Dollar counter to get seated directly and conveniently into a Ford Escape which took us on a direct route to our obligatory first In-N-Out visit:

I do have to admit I got puzzled trying to find the "water" tap here:

After finishing up our first double-doubles we made our way to downtown where we had booked the Plaza for 2 nights. It was Labor Day weekend so prices even for lower standard strip hotels were insane and as we were on a lower budget we decided on this place for $40 a night. It had just recently been remodeled and wasn't too bad actually:

However, that was most likely our first and last visit to the downtown area. The people, the area and the atmosphere just make me feel a little out of place and "deserted" being so far away from the strip.

It didn't bother us too much this time as our first day was reserved for eating, sleeping and shopping. Also it did boost our thrill of anticipation for our upoming stay at the Wynn. The next morning we decided to have a healthy breakfast at Whole Foods in Town Square which is right around the corner of the Premium Outlets - our next stop.

We also filled up the trunk with supplies for our first long trip through the desert of Nevada towards Grand Canyon:

Before making our way to Arizona we needed some more sleep and I will need some coffee now so I'll continue with another installment next week. In case you do not want to wait until then feel free to check out the pics from my facebook fanpage or some video shots on my YouTube channel.

Greetings from SoCal and until next week!