Summer is coming to an end but we are going to enjoy a little overtime on our USA roadtrip coming up next. I have just finished my final August cashgame session and I guess the time for vacation couldn't be more right.


Unfortunately I wasn't able to get my numbers in the green with cashgame winnings and have to call August my first official losing month of the year. August results don't look all that bad considering bonuses and my yearly winnings so far, but I have to admit it doesn't feel too good right now. However, I don't want to whine about it nor have those results drag my good vacation spirits down!

First of all I have to remain completely honest to myself and realize that such a continuous sequence of losing sessions doesn't pass my game or mindset by without effect. At first it's always just another typical bad run (this time making up about 2/3rds of my total losses), but the longer the stretch seemed to last the more my game began to suffer under doubts, subtle leaks and eventually tilt (making up another 1/3 of my total losses). As you can see even after so many years of playing poker (semi)professionally I'm still not entirely immune to the dark sides of my own mindset. It's how you deal with the setbacks and what you learn from them that make up a professional poker player. That's why I will strive to work even harder on my game, my mindset and my discipline after my return.

Since I had to withdraw some funds for vacation, taxes and other unexpected expenses I will be starting out at 100NL in September and rebuild my confidence without any financial pressure again.

August 200NL & 100NL Results:


My MTT results don't help my cause of reaching the green numbers, I have to rely on FPP bonuses this time. At least I feel like I'm making a little progress breaking even and cashing on a more regular basis compared to my past tourney performance. I will take some MTT content with me to browse while lying on the beaches of southern California so I can hop into the late stage of WCOOP when I come back.

August MTT Results:

Grinding it UP! Challenge

The challenge is on hiatus and I'm already looking forward to produce season 2 as I have some nice ideas about new concepts of episodes. Here's season 1 finale in case you missed it:

August Grinding it UP! Results:

August Accounting:

VPP Counter 2013: 79.075

Cashgame Winnings: -$1533,54
MTT Winnings: -$60
FPP Bonus: +$1600
Stellar Rewards: +$200

Total: +$206,46

At least enough money to buy my wife and me a good dinner in Vegas

Now I got to go and run some errands, finalize some bookings and start packing up. Starting next week I will publish my weekly blogs with roadtrip content and pics from the US, you can also follow my twitter or like my facebook page to see photos or updates.

I wish you all a successful late summer at the tables and see you in about 3 weeks time. Until then: keep grindin it UP!

- Flix