This Saturday PokerStars opened the doors to it's first official German edition of the VIP Club party in Berlin. Together with my wife I made my way to Düsseldorf airport early that day and had a pretty relaxed 1-hour flight over to Germany's capital which is about 250 miles away from my hometown Cologne.

We stayed checked into a nice little 4-star hotel "Scandic" close to Potsdamer Platz which was in walking distance to the party location, the "Homebase Lounge". Our hotel room was really neat and actually reminded me a bit of the remodeled GO rooms at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. Another bonus was the distance to the "Adagio" nightclub, where the afterparty was set to take place.

Impression of our hotel room

After strolling around the Potsdamer Platz tourist area and soaking up some Berlin city atmosphere we met up with Christin and Matthias from PokerStars as well as Team Pro Jan Heitmann in the hotel lobby and made our way to the party location. The event turned out to be a whole new, but incredible experience for me as the latest member of Team Online doing interviews or photos and of course meeting so many people that were previously unknown to me in real life. My wife and I had a real blast that night!

To sum things up here are the most important cliffnotes:

- Met so many new and interesting people, poker players, IntelliPoker users, regulars from the cashgame tables and German team pros
- Held a lot of great conversations about poker, business, love and life
- Did interviews and photos for the PokerStars blog and followers (you will get to see most of that material pretty soon I guess)
- Lost my voice at night and wasn't able to talk anymore in the morning
- Enjoyed free drinks and awesome food like fresh grilled burgers, homemade ice tea or warm apple pie with icecream
- Played a lot of funny retro games like high-striker or milking the cow:

The most enjoyable aspects of the party were the laid back atmosphere, the chance to finally put real faces to the screennames of players, training attendees and followers, and the feeling of being treated like a VIP when guided into an entire PokerStars VIP section of a big nightclub with an open bar.

Entrance to Adagio next to Berlin Casino

I can only advise to buy a ticket to any VIP Club event near you the next time it's coming around, it really pays off! I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to take part at a VIP Club event and get to know even more of you guys!