I managed to up the volume, but my graph decided to take a different direction heading downwards this week. I am aware I got kissed by variance during the previous weeks by winning more than 30 stacks in one big streak so I am actually not that surprised to see a little setback happening.

However, even after years of grinding it never really gets easy nor boring to handle downers. It's always tough to maintain balance and keep delivering A-game when you have a streak of losing sessions that make you feel like you just can't win a single pot anymore.

When it starts going downwards one thing leads to another. Since poker sometimes refuses to reward you with good short term results it's easy to aggregate frustration or facilitate tilt which in turn deteriorate your ability to bring your A-game to the table. Oftentimes you contribute more to a downswing than one would like to admit and that's how it has certainly been for me this week. I usually started my sessions with a small series of preflop beats and coolers, then I began to make a few questionable calldowns and place overly thin valuebets while telling myself "they can't always have it, right?". I guess that's just human after all and I should be able to forgive myself for this in order to move on with a fresh mind.

This month is all but over and actually not much happened until now anyway:


During the Supernova freeroll I was able to hold my own maintaining a healthy 20 to 30 big blind stack up until close to the bubble and an unlucky Hand. I can't really tell you why but that hand stung my pokerheart more than the same hand would have at 200NL.

My sunday grind wasn't very successful either but at least I managed to cut the losses by mincashing in an $8,80 6-max cap and the Sunday Storm.

Grinding it UP!

The only ray of hope resultswise was my YouTube challenge this week. I pushed the bankroll to a new peak at $560 and took the first couple of successful shots at 25NL. I took 3 days off over the weekend but will resume the grind tomorrow morning. Check out my YouTube channel for updates. Here's last week's episodes:

I'll start working on better results this new week right away and wish us all a great start!