Volume is again pretty meh this week but at least I could catch up on some VPPs. My sessions tended to be quite short on average as I oftentimes realized my game was deteriorating and quitting was more +EV than continuing to play.

Switching between challenge grind in the morning and my regular grind in the afternoon has definitely done me good. In the morning hours I'm usually a bit dizzy from my workout and the Zoom 200 pool isn't all that great, so starting the day with grinding for my challenge and doing a little work for the pokerschools or coaching is a lot more favorable to me.

My A-game comes out much more often in the afternoons now that I take extended lunchbreaks with a little nap to recharge my batteries.

Monthly graph:

VPP Counter 2013: 69.562


Motto of my sunday grind yesterday:

Well, not quite but at least I had 2 deeper runs in the Bigger $8,80 and a $5 Cubed that put me in the green. The latter I have added to my schedule as it has many advantages like deeper stacksizes, smaller filedsize and early starting/finishing times. These things come in quite handy to me as a cashgame player and early morning riser. Maybe with the $5 Cubed tourneys I might have a shot at a final table soon, who knows.

Since I have started tracking my MTT results on my HM2 now I can finally present you a picture each week from now on. Here we go:

Grinding it UP! Challenge

It's week 4 of the challenge and I am (still) at 10NL. I have built a little transitioning base at the deepstack/ante tables as I feel they are perfect when you are in this bankroll twilight zone between 10 and 25NL. Hope I'm going to be able to make the jump soon. Here's the full collection of last week's videos:

[youtube link="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCTB_ArDank"]

[youtube link="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCTB_ArDank"]

Have a great start into the new week all and keep grinding it up!