I'm sitting here in over 100 degrees of summer heat in my little office, shutters turned down, sweating while waiting for the bubble to burst in the last $2,20 rebuy tournament of the night...and thinking about making an early exit from this week's sunday grind to write down my weekly results.

So here we go:

This week was short in terms of volume, but great in terms of results - at least cashgamewise. I busted out of all Micro Million events I played so far quite early, but there will be plenty of more opportunities coming up this week. In Zoom poker I finally managed to leave behind my most recent bigger downer which makes me look back with a little gasp of relief on some tough swing blows to my bankroll:

VPP Counter 2013: 63.798

The only thing that I am currently a little concerned about is the small volume I produced. I really didn't manage to maintain motivation for longer cashgame sessions this week. One reason for this is the more than great weather and high summer temperatures here right now, another one is concerning real life business like planning our September US westcoast vacation.

So here's a pic that should bring back motivation for me to grind hard again during the upcoming weeks:

I'm gonna go and catch some rest now and even skip the Micro Millions storm in favor of a good night's sleep as tomorrow at 6:00 CET (0:00 ET) I will be going on my yearly "Grinding it UP!" challenge for 2013.

You will be able to follow my progress closely as I will start feeding my Youtube channel with daily 10-minute session & result vids from tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to how fast I will be able to move up in stakes this time. My plan is to make this a real longterm project with no time restriction and close video documentation. Hope you enjoy or even follow my footsteps!

Have a successful sunday grind everyone, and maybe see you tomorrow at the tables