This week I managed to grind my way slowly but steadily out of my recent bigger cashgame downer and move closer towards a new peak in my yearly graph. I'm also having the feeling of being able to constantly go deeper and deeper in the MTTs I have added to my regular schedule. My weekly results are in the books, so here we go:


Bigger $22 (7.7.): 93th for $139

$22 Saturday 6-Max: 52th for $61.71

Bigger $22 (14.7.): 279th for $63

Sunday Storm: 1723th for $40

$4,40 Turbo Zoom: 78th for $14

Zoom Cashgame

Something much more important is that I had a couple of great insights regarding my game through session reviews and a timing experiment.


I found that my ranges have become quite static through 4-tabling Zoom. Instead of taking the time to watch and adjust to each individual table dynamic I realized that I run into the danger of clicking buttons with readymade ranges. That will make me much more readable to observant opponents overall, leave value on the table against some and sometimes even end up in -EV postflop spots against others. Taking a second look and thought before clicking that mouse button definitely helps the winrate, reduces some variance and increaes tilt resistance.

Timing Experiment

I have tried playing longer afternoon sessions exclusively after lunchbreak. My mind is fresher in the early morning hours but the Zoom 200 pool doesn't really hold much action for me. In addition I came to realize that a bad morning session can have an equally bad influence on my mood in the course of the day. So I started focusing on other important productive and creative stuff in the morning hours like video production, coaching and regular review time for the session of the previous day as a routine.

The results for my game have really satisfied me without even looking at winnings or losses. I was able to motivate myself much better through morning reviews and the thrill of anticipation, play longer sessions and also got more action out of a bigger playerpool.

Grinding it up through the Micros 2013

My yearly challenge is going into the next round at the end of July! I'm going to try and turn an $80 bankroll into $8000 starting at 2NL 6-Max with both regular and Zoom tables. You will be able to follow my progress on my YouTube channel where I will be uploading a daily results & strategy video.

Until then, good luck at the tables!

- xflixx

Member of Team PokerStars Online