June started out with awesome results in both weather and poker. I booked winning session after winning session and already had $3k USD more in my account by the end of the first 15 days. My game felt really good, I was happy with the majority of my decisions and made some really spot-on reads that allowed for good calls like this one.

I felt absolutely on top of my game at stakes that I hadn't been playing professionally for a couple of months. That feeling didn't last too long as the tides turned in the second half of June. My spots were still great, I couldn't have rooted for more action from my villains and my decisions were good on a steady level, just the results weren't following. Losing sessions started accumulating day after day, I could shrug them off as I was certain my gameplan was good enough to produce great longterm results.

After a week I still hadn't managed to book a winning session and as my monthly winnings were approaching the red numbers my A-game said goodbye more often and my confidence was shrinking. I produced more and more mistakes as my mindset had taken a bigger damage from that time than I thought. In the end I merely felt like that He-Man action figure from the 80ies in battle armor, taking blow after blow each day.

So I finally decided to step up to my ego and pride, use my voice of reason, move down to 100NL and work on both my game and my confidence again. I have been doing good since that day recouping some losses and having more time to review previous sessions. Naturally, I discovered quite a few leaks that had found their way back into my game again and the best way for me to plug them is by lowering the pressure a little. This also helps me find more relaxation before and after grinding which in turn is good for my life outside of poker.

To sum things up not much has happened in June besides an ambitioned Icarus taking a quick trip towards the sun, scorching his wings and falling back down to earth - on a cosy bed of FPP rakeback and bonuses. It's gonna be rinse and repeat, with more confidence and stamina next time.

Cashgame Results June:

VPP Counter 2013: 53.879

Table Winnings: -$648
FPP Bonus: +$1600
Stellar Bonus: +$150
Zoom & Boom Promo Bonus: +$300
100 Bn Hand Stakeshare: +$55

Sum: +$1457

Off to a better performance and better weather in July!