It's a little early for my weekly blog post but I felt an itch to write down a couple of thoughts and wanted to kill two birds with one stone also.

In yesterday's live training session I got asked to put a graph with my cashgame results this year up until now, so I'd like to take up the opportunity to do so and use a view of my graph for my own motivational purposes at the same time. Bringing daily confidence to your games as an online grinder is so important that I'd rarely pass on any type of opportunity to boost it, especially not after a bad day of poker. By zooming out on your overall performance and taking away the more restricted view on your short-term results you can manage to motivate yourself for the daily grind. 

Poker is a climb, so make sure to enjoy the view sometimes:

VPP Counter 2013: 48.189

Accompanying this graph I'll quickly sum up Hero's grinding story up until now:

In January/February I started out grinding the regular tables at 100NL and taking a couple of shots at 200NL occasionally. When I returned from my first Vegas trip in March I hit a little downer and felt a drive to give Zoom Poker another shot. I worked hard on my Zoom game starting out at 50NL and was pretty  there until my second Vegas trip in April.

In late April signs of me being able to join Team PokerStars Online gave me the motivation to grind 100NL all May long as a new Team member and that project turned out to be another success. So when June came around I finally had gathered up the confidence and trust in my game to move up to 200NL looking to assert myself there. Since then I have been mixing regular and Zoom tables, but feel much more "home" in Zoom poker.

Well, that's about enough enjoying the view and replenishing motivation. Time to hit the tables again and start climbing new heights. As always you can follow my daily sessions, hands and stories from the tables via my Facebook page or my forum blog.

I wish us all a successful remaining week, until next Friday!