This week I continued to run as good as I did last week. I managed to book a nice win at Aenna (200NL 6-Max Zoom Poker) while barely managing to breakeven on the regular tables.

My sample at 200NL this year is still small so that does not have to mean anything really, but I do have the impression of villains at the regular tables being much better at hand reading and putting me into tough spots. Adjusting to that takes me longer and is a more difficult task. Maybe it's just variance though, or my flawed perception of a small sample as Zoom spots do tend to resolve much quicker and not stick in your memory for too long.

As a preventive measure I have started to go into some detailed technical and mathematical analysis of certain tougher spots that keep recurring. It can never hurt to do that and it also helps boosting confidence in your game.

I have also grinded some reasonable microstakes volume this week during the milestone promo, but apart from a decent profit at the tables I didn't manage to bink a milestone hand. I ran a live training class at IntelliPoker yesterday in which I played a table of each 6-max no limit stake and that ended up netting me $54 bucks stake share for the big one playing at a 5NL table. Hope you guys got a little more out of this promo.

Milestone hunting is over, now it's time to hunt for a bracelet!

As I can't be in Vegas for the WSOP this year I might as well try and run for a PSOSOP (PSO Series of Poker) or ISOP (IntelliPoker Series of Poker) bracelet. Tonight is the next event, so see you at the tables.

Before I get grinding again I will leave you with my weekly results and some good luck wishes for the weekend at the tables. Don't forget to register for the World Record tournament on Sunday!

Monthly Graph:

VPP Counter 2013: 46.478