Summer's here!

I realize that as soon as I shoot straight out of bed at 6AM in the morning without the help of an alarm clock to go biking and working out in the park. A few weeks ago I couldn't even think about this because of the bad weather. Some impressions from my daily morning routine:

Summer is also coming to my poker grind with increasing motivation and a "sunrun" on top this week. Sample hands can be found in my forum blog or my facebook page. During a good run of cards there is always a danger of overestimating yourself and your game, but this week I am mostly happy with my performance and the timing of my sessions. I focused on playing only while being capable of delivering my A-game and pausing or quitting sessions as soon as I wasn't anymore.

Anyhow, my start on 200NL does give me a little consolation for my WSOP absence and I am particularly happy about the feeling of finally "coming home" to the stakes I had been playing successfully for a long time in the past. I got my spirit and my ambitions back - fingers crossed!

Weekly graph:

VPP Counter 2013: 43.591

Song of the week: