This week felt like a huge rollercoaster with peaks up and down. I'm probably up slighlty at the end but it was quite a ride.

One would expect that swings are the nature of Zoom but amusingly my biggest losses come from the regular tables that I usually play on the side while zooming. By now I have much smoother graph waves in Zoom which I credit to all the work that I have put into my game recently.

Since people can't rail me properly at Zoom I open up 4-6 regular tables each day and play them on my 2nd monitor. In the beginning I felt like it was easy to manage with the slow regular table pace and my main focus still on the 4 Zoom tables, but by now I have come to realize that my Zoom game just doesn't quite fit my regular table game. It somehow pulls me away from my "flow" and even throws me off balance at times, so right now I am slightly behind here resultswise.

My May Zoom results still look pretty neat though:

VPP Counter 2013: 38.101

As a little experiment I have tried playing each format separately from each other and had great success in both, so I think it makes a lot of sense to just play a single regular table on the side. That way I can keep my focus on Zoom while still being "railable". Anyhow, I don't want to miss out on the regular table action when looking at some skyhigh VPIP's over there.

Hands of the Week

I selected two spots that reflect a bad habit I have grown with my finger clicking way faster than my brain:

Situation is always the same: Recreational player calls preflop, check/calls two streets and donkshoves the river. It's a *****d Line but my brain instantly tells my finger "Flushdraw bricked, you got to snap him off!" - Finger happily obliges. Well, at least I was right on the flushdraw part.


Still couldn't get any results in this week besides a $40 bounty from the Knockout event. I will not be able to play any more events, maybe not even the main unless I return home early that night in which case I might still late reg. Besides working on cashgame theory and doing hand reviews with a buddy I keep studying MTT content whenever I have the time.

Right now I am really motivated to grind online, but I am also missing Vegas already. It does make me a little sad when I think about wasting that flight and not being able to be at the WSOP but it's in best interest of my health which is most important to me. I do get some daily Vegas flashes, for instance when I walk through a revolving door I see myself entering the Bellagio from the bridge to Caesar's Palace. Silly, isn't it?

That's it for this week folks, good luck at the tables and in the SCOOP main event if you play.

Let me close this one with a quote from a German IntelliPoker member:

"Beware, it's the weekend!"