My first week as a new Team PokerStars Online Pro is over and it was a blast. I have received so much positive feedback, so many warm words and excitement from all you guys, thank you so much! I was going through this week with a big smile and started my days with so much motivation for all my tasks.

However, I did have to take one big heavy-hearted decision: I will be skipping Vegas this summer.

It will be the first summer without the desert and the WSOP within years but this decision only serves my health and well-being. Lots of work and new responsibilities are lying ahead of me and I will have a hard time to fully immerse myself into the Vegas grind for 2 weeks without access to the online tables. I know myself and my body well enough by now.

Time zone change and sleep deprivation are the most prevalent stressfactors as two previous trips have shown. In addition I would exclude myself from onle training, my VPP pace and my new responsibilities which would probably cause even more stress. I don't want to expose myself to the risk of getting sick in Vegas right now.

My flight is booked and cannot be cancelled but I am willing to pay that price for being free from stress and stay healthy.

Pokerwise I have been breaking even for most of the week, but I'm happier than ever about my game right now. I manage to achieve my daily VPP goals with no pressure at all and schedule my sessions such that I am able to deliver A-game for maximum time stretches. On the side I also find the time to play some microstakes tables with you guys and other followers.

Here are my May results so far:





VPP Counter 2013: 35.149

I will have to adjust my SCOOP schedule a little and skip event #17 tonight since I have to host my first final table as a new Team PokerStars Online member at event #14 (day 2 starts tonight). Pretty excited about this, if anyone of you is still awake by then you can come along and watch me congratulate the winners.

Some fun stuff to close this blog with:

In a recent interview I already mentioned I will have to look closely how people might react and change their game when they see the red spade next to my avatar. As of now I can only say this much: Some people take bluffs to a whole new level.

Example 1: The Zero-Equity Float

Example 2: The Gutshot Syndrome

Until next week!