It will certainly be no news to you of I say: It has become so important to constantly adjust and work on your game as your rivals are never resting in the poker world. It's nothing new to me either but I am writing this down to remind me of it once more.

Last week I had posted a line in one of the German IntelliPoker blogs that was a little out of context but read something along the lines of:

"The smaller the technical edges between opponents get the more mindset will determine winrates in the end.

It's about your performance, stamina and confidence just like it is in any given sport."

At the beginning of the year I worked really hard in that area of my game and I am happy with the results, my attitude and performance have grown a lot. However, I just came to realize that I had been letting the technical aspects of my game slip for a long time now. I found a lot of leaks that had grown just as my mindset had done and I made it my task to eradicate them from my game last week.

Poker is - just like life itself - a constant development process and struggle. I tend to forget that rather often and quickly once I have reached a certain point of satisfaction with my game, my sessions and my winrates.

My week started out on a rather bumpy road while I was trying to enforce the adjustments to my game. Since May 1st however things suddenly are beginning to change and something clicked inside my head:

VPP Counter 2013: 29.583

Closing this week's entry I would like to give you guys a range quiz:

The following hand was played against a pretty active regular with stats of 27/22, a 3-Bet of 14% in 17 spots total and an aggression frequency of around 40% on all streets over 317 hands. What would be the bottom of your range to call this riverbet with?

That's it for this week, have a great weekend and good luck on Sunday!