Despite all the Vegas shenanigans and getting the flu on top this week I have managed to get some hands in. I have adjusted my game entirely to the Zoom game dynamics by now and I also found my confidence to grind higher stakes again. Shots on Triangulum (100NL 6-max) are a fixed part of my grinding schedule again.

However, I have tried to get a much better feel for how I work each day based on my mindset. There probably isn't a single day in my life when I don't want to or can't find the time to play poker so I try to focus on grinding stakes that are most suitable for my daily grinding condition. If you are honest to yourself there are so many internal and external factors that will influence your performance each day.

You might just not feel well when you wake up, the weather is bad or something just isn't right that day and suddenly you find yourself drifting into B-Game or tilt mode much faster. On good days I may just shrug off a 4-digit downer while on bad days I might go off already after losing my first 100 bucks. On some days I might just feel like chillin on the sofa or lying in the sun while playing Klinkenberg without stats on my iPad.

Here are my Zoom results for this month sorted by stakes:






I should grind more Baade and less Hydra...or at least focus more when playing Hydra I am assuming that I tend to spew more due to the small stakes which could also apply for Klinkenberg, but since I grind that on my iPad without reads or stats I seem to be more disciplined here.

VPP Counter 2013: 26.545

It's not 100% safe that I'm heading to Vegas at the end of May but when I do I am probably looking to play WSOP Event #4. I am currently looking for somebody to back me with a full staking for this event, if you are interested shoot me a PM. If a full staking doesn't happen I might offer shares for it instead.

Will be closing this entry with the song of the week which fits the current weather conditions and my mindset quite well. Let's hope it's gonna be a long hot poker summer